Lightning in Parks and Pools

City of Irving Parks
A Lightning Prediction System is monitoring these parks. All other parks are not monitored by this system. During inclement weather, please evacuate the area.

Posted Lightning System Signs
Look for these signs in Irving parks:
  • One 15 second blast - Evacuate the area
  • Three five second blasts - Resume activity
Parks With the Lightning System
The following parks have the lightning system in place:
  • Cimarron Park
    201 Red River Trail
    Irving, TX 75060
  • Harrington Soccer Complex
    3585 World Cup Way
    Irving, TX 75060
  • Lee Park
    3000 Pamela Drive
    Irving, TX 75060
  • Lively Park
    909 N. O'Connor Road
    Irving, TX 75060
  • North Lake College
    5001 N. MacArthur Blvd.
    Irving, TX 75060

City of Irving Public Swimming Pools
When the Thor Guard Warning System 15-second horn blast sounds, the swimming pool must be cleared of all patrons as soon as practical. Also, all persons must seek shelter in buildings or vehicles, not shady shelters. All persons must wait until the weather clears and the All Clear Signal sounds three short horn blasts before patrons can resume swimming activities.