Business Licenses, Permits and Requirements

  1. All Licenses and Permits Listing

    Check out the Inspections Department's comprehensive list of fees, applications, and permits.

  2. Engineering Downloads

    Check out a list of engineering downloads available from the Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

  3. Building Permits

    Review checklists for commercial and residential building permits.

  4. Building Standards

    Find out more about the Building Standards Division.

  5. Certificate of Occupancy

    Find information about the Certificate of Occupancy and how to apply for one.

  6. Commercial Day Care Center Ordinance

    Review the Commercial Day Care Center Ordinance (PDF) for your day care business.

  7. Commercial or Residential Permit

    Get information about commercial or residential permits and how to apply for one.

  8. Earthwork & Tree Removal Permit

    Learn the requirements for removing a tree or earthwork from your property and how to apply for a permit.

  9. Emergency Plans Requirements (PDF)

    Review emergency plans requirements developed by the Fire Department to protect residential and commercial buildings in case of an emergency.

  10. Restaurant with Alcoholic Beverage

    Apply for a Restaurant with Alcoholic Beverage through the Planning Department.

  11. Sign Permits

    Find important information about sign permits and applying for a sign or sign variance permit.