Specialty Teams

Technical Rescue Team
Irving's firefighters have been trained in various types of technical rescues, such as high angle rescue, trench rescue, heavy machinery rescue, and vehicle extrication. This service provides rescue to victims trapped in hard to reach areas such as the bottom of holes, on building ledges, train trestles, or window washer platforms. The Technical Rescue Team is assigned to Station 6 which has a Heavy Rescue Vehicle for technical rescue responses.

Swift Water Rescue Team
Texas weather often causes high water conditions. The three lakes that are located in the city, the creeks, canals, and the Trinity River, provide our firefighters with an opportunity to practice water rescue. The Swift Water Rescue Team is assigned to Station 1 which has a zodiac boat and trailer for swift water responses as well as Boat 8 on Lake Carolyn.
Hazardous Materials Response
The department has a Hazardous Materials Unit, assigned to Station 8, to respond in the event of a chemical spill or release. Our hazardous materials team consists of two in-service fire companies with two specialty support vehicles. Private contractors are used for the cleanup at the property owner's expense.