City Manager Focus Areas

As Irving’s City Manager, I have had the opportunity to meet with many people and organizations throughout the community. From our conversations, I continue to gain a deeper understanding of issues, challenges and opportunities facing the city. My mission is to build and sustain a city government that continually delivers a positive and meaningful outcome for Irving residents, businesses and visitors.

Long-Term Financial Sustainability
The financial decisions we make today will have a broad and lasting effect over the next decade and beyond. I continue to focus on strengthening Irving’s financial legacy through implementation of the city’s Long-Term Strategic Plan. Developing and implementing long-term funding strategies for economic development and infrastructure projects is a key cornerstone of that plan. Practicing wise financial stewardship, developing sound financial policies and the maintenance of our Aaa bond rating (the highest rating possible) will ensure that the city receives the highest return on your tax dollars.

Complete Signature Development Projects
Irving has several major development projects and opportunities in the pipeline. With construction of the Irving Music Factory ongoing, our next major objective for the Urban Center is to finalize development plans and begin construction of the Irving Convention Center Headquarters Hotel. Along with the Convention Center, these three projects will provide a unique experience that will draw residents and visitors alike. Additionally, the site of the former Texas Stadium and the surrounding acreage still sits as one of the biggest and best large-scale development opportunities in North Texas. Establishing a development and funding structure for the site will be a chief priority for city staff going forward. 

Enhance Communication and Engagement
To provide the services that our residents, businesses and visitors need and want, the City of Irving will work to develop a robust community engagement and model strategy. Building on our existing communications efforts, this engagement initiative will enhance understanding of the city’s diverse stakeholders and increase the responsiveness of our services. We also will continue to leverage relationships with external governments and organizations to improve quality of life. My goal is to position Irving as a regional leader in addressing common issues and needs.

Leverage Organizational Resources
Like all organizations, the city must develop and enhance its internal organizational resources to meet future operational demands. A key first step is developing a citywide succession plan. Such a plan will ensure staff is continually being trained and prepared to meet any and all operational needs and that institutional knowledge is shared across the organization. The city also will prioritize its use of technology, not only to make processes more efficient, but to deliver the 21st century services our stakeholders expect and require. Innovation is a critical component in our effort to evolve internal capabilities. Supporting and growing our capacity to develop creative solutions to emerging challenges will ensure we continue to deliver results.

I’m pleased to share these focus areas with you and want to give my thanks to all those who have shared their thoughts, priorities and perspectives.

Chris Hillman
City Manager
Irving, Texas