KNOX Box/Locks

You can now order KNOX® boxes and locks directly from the KNOX® website. Please select IRVING FIRE DEPT as your local department when ordering. 
Please remember the following guidelines when ordering:
  • Knox boxes must have a tamper switch tied to the fire alarm system as a supervisory signal.
  • Knox boxes may be surface or recess mounted 3 to 5 feet from the floor to the bottom of the box.
  • Ensure enough Fire Department reflective alert decals have been ordered to be placed on every exterior door. (Part # 1001 listed under Knox accessories).
  • When the box has been installed (location must be approved by the Fire Department) and the tamper switch is connected, call (972) 721-2651 to schedule the fire inspector to load it with your building access cards and keys. 
  • Knox padlocks must be dual keyed for Irving Police Department access.