Purchasing Requirements

Obtain Bid / RFP Information
Where to obtain Bid / RFP (Proposal) Information:
  • City of Irving website
  • Purchasing Division located at 845 W. Irving Blvd., Irving, Texas or by telephoning, (972) 721-2631
  • The Dallas Morning News, Irving Morning News Section (Sunday / Thursday Advertisement)
  • Various Internet Services: The City of Irving does not participate in the electronic bid submittal that is offered by any Internet Service. You must register with each entity listed below in order to automatically receive notifications that bids or proposals are being requested for the goods and/or services that you identify with your vendor information provided to each of the entities. For more information, contact each service as follows:
  • Various Plan Rooms (Construction Projects)
Procurement Process
The City of Irving procurement process is determined by the following expenditure amounts:
  • $3,000 and below: Competitive bids are not required. Purchases may be processed by the Requesting Department or the Purchasing Division.
  • Over $3,000 through $25,000: Three vendors must be contacted for competitive bids and, if available, two of the vendors must be registered as State of Texas Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBS) in Dallas County. These bids / proposals may be received by telephone, facsimile machine, written quotations, or sealed process. Purchases in these amounts may be processed by the Requesting Department or the Purchasing Division.
  • Over $25,000: Sealed competitive bid or proposal process is required and is handled primarily through the Purchasing Division, unless specifically exempt by State Law.
Written Quotes
Where a written quotation is desired, the requester shall determine whether to use written quotations or sealed process based on their knowledge of market conditions, availability of items, and time necessary to get competitive bids / proposals.

Telephone Quotes
If you receive a telephone call requesting a price quote, contact the requesting person with the quote within 24 hours unless advised otherwise.

Sealed Bids / RFPs (Proposals)
A vendor has the sole responsibility to ensure that their bids or proposals are signed (stamp signatures will not be accepted), properly identified in a sealed envelope as shown below and received at the designated site prior to 3:00 p.m. on the due date specified on the first page of the specifications unless otherwise designated. All bids or proposals must be date and time stamped by the Purchasing Division whether mailed or delivered. Responses received after the date and time designated on the specifications are considered "late" and will not be accepted.

City of Irving Annual Contracts
Term contract purchases are initiated primarily by the Purchasing Division for commonly used supplies and services. These contracts are typically for estimated annual quantities on an “as needed” basis at fixed prices for a specific term with renewal options.

State of Texas Term Contracts and CISV Catalog
The City of Irving also utilizes the State of Texas term contracts for services and/or supplies, and purchases high tech items from the State’s CISV Catalog.

Example of Properly Identified Envelope for Mailing
Proper Mailing Label for Proposals

Bids / RFPs (Proposals) Opening Process
Sealed bid openings are open to the public. All bid responses are available for public viewing at the time of the bid opening; however, RFP responses are not available to the public at the RFP opening. The only information provided at the RFP opening is a list of respondents.

Request for Proposals (RFPs) must be used for personal, professional or planning services unless this process is waived by the City Manager. Proposals must also be used for high technology procurement of equipment, goods or services of a highly technical nature as well as technical services related to such equipment and goods unless the city utilizes the State of Texas CISV Catalog for these purchases.

After the bid or RFP opening, response summaries are prepared by the Purchasing Division. Within a few days after the opening, Purchasing provides a copy of the response summary and responses to the requesting department for evaluation and recommendation.

The response summaries are also provided on our Web site for informational purposes only. An award is not made until the using department evaluates the responses and makes a recommendation based on their findings. The apparent low bidders may or may not be awarded the contracts. Also, corrections to the response summary may be made if errors are found during the evaluation of the responses.

Awards of Bids and RFPs Process
After receipt of the recommendation from the requesting department, the Purchasing Division reviews the departmental recommendation, obtains all required paperwork, including proof of insurance (if applicable), contracts, and/or any other properly completed and signed documents, etc., and places the item on the next available council meeting for the City Council's approval.

Tax Exemption
The City of Irving is exempt from Federal Excise, State Sales and Transportation taxes. Tax must not be included in bids / proposals or invoices. Tax exemption certificates can be faxed or mailed to your company by the requesting department or by calling the Purchasing Division at (972) 721-2631.